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To Seal Or Not To Seal Pavers

Many paver companies do not like to seal pavers:
1. It is not cost effective but rather time consuming and difficult.
2. Weather can be a big factor and quality products are expensive.
3. There are paver companies that will tell you that if they seal the pavers then the manufacturer's warranty will be null and void...not true.
4. They will tell you that they will call back in four months after the pavers have "cured" to talk about your sealing options.
5. Or, most often, no mention of sealer until the paver installation is complete. Then the customer is informed about sealing and why it is so important.
a. If it was so important why wait until the end of the project to bring it up?
6. Sticker shock of what it will cost.

All major manufacturers recommend sealing their pavers and not because they are in the sealing business. The reasons to seal are:
1. Discoloration from our Florida sun.
2. Permeable and foreign materials will bleed into the brick and they will have to be replaced.
3. Mold and algae grow under the pavers or in the seams from water penetration.
4. The mason sand application between the joints will wash out.
5. Ant mines and weeds will grow in the seams of the pavers.
6. Easy to clean and reseal in three years.

Custom Pavers
Southwest Florida, Inc

Custom Pavers
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